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Vörunúmer: DE-201676

Permanent elastic cartridge adhesive made of special rubber for outdoor use. High adhesive strength on a wide variety of surfaces. Suitable for gluing and connecting DELTA® membranes outdoors. With high security in the connection area.

Safe bonding also when temperatures are low thanks to its solvent content. Waterproof after setting.


- DELTA®-THAN can be used for gluing and connecting all DELTA® roofing membranes when covering as well as at connections and ends.

The cartridge adhesive is also perfect for the seam bonding of the DELTA® damp-proof courses when overlapping. On mineral surfaces and on wood.

Technical data:
Material: Permanently elastic cartridge adhesive made of special rubber.

Application temperature (temperature-controlled storage recommended): Open time: 30 minutes from +5°C ambient and component temperature

Functional temperature range: From -30 °C to +80 °C

Coverage: Approx. 7 running m. per cartridge

Filling weight: 310 ml per cartridge

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Tegund Þéttilím
Gerð Delta Than
Stærðir 330 ml