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Welcome to Áltak

Quality and durability along with form style and beauty is our pride in all our solutions we have to offer to our customers. We offer a broad line of quality products from known manufacturers and our employees are always willing to assist with design and solutions to meet all our customers needs. Here on our website you can access information about our product categories and drawings. Contact us by phone, email or come and visit us in Fossaleyni 8, 112 Reykjavík.


Áltak is a leading company in the Icelandic construction market and has been so since its establishment in 1997. The company's main focus has always been to provide complete solutions in aluminum claddings and subsystems. The company has grown rapidly and the product range has increased significantly. We offer complete solutions around claddings, acoustics, concrete framework, industrial doors, warehouse racks and much more.

At Áltak's office in Fossaleyni 8, aluminum is produced in various profiles. Due to the proximity of production, we offer a very short delivery time for cladding.

Our goal is to offer only quality materials that meet Icelandic conditions and have a lifespan that is measured in decades.


Áltak is a part of Fagkaup ltd. KT nr. 670169-5459, VSK nr. 11784

Quality management

Áltak focuses on providing its customers with the highest quality service.

Strategy and objectives:

  • - Meet customer expectations and provide the best possible service.
  • - Only offer quality materials that meet the highest standards.
  • - Satisfied and well trained staff.
  • - Quality and safety standards of Áltak suppliers, are the market´s highest quality standards and that they meet the stringent requirements for environmental, energy and reuse of products.

Among the certified quality system standards that our suppliers follow are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 og OHSAS 18001.

Other Info

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