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Welcome to Áltak

Quality and durability along with form style and beauty is our pride in all our solutions we have to offer to our customers. We offer a broad line of quality products from known manufacturers and our employees are always willing to assist with design and solutions to meet all our customers needs. Here on our website you can access information about our product categories and drawings. Contact us by phone, email or come and visit us in Fossaleyni 8, 112 Reykjavík.


Áltak was founded in february 1997. The founders were Magnús Ólafsson and Jón H. Steingrímsson. From the beginning the purpose of the company has been providing complete solutions for aluminum claddings and aluminum subsystems based on its vast experience, both in construction and related fields. It has always been the goal to offer quality materials that meet the Icelandic environmental conditions and lifetime measured in decades.

Over the years the product range has increased and more variety of materials have been added to our product list that meed our highest standards.

Áltak product line also includes system ceilings, system walls and more.

In 2009 Áltak bought the Doka casting mold rent in Iceland and it is now a part of Áltak corporation.

Quality management

Áltak focuses on providing its customers with the highest quality service.

Strategy and objectives:

  • - Meet customer expectations and provide the best possible service.
  • - Only offer quality materials that meet the highest standards.
  • - Satisfied and well trained staff.
  • - Quality and safety standards of Áltak suppliers, are the market´s highest quality standards and that they meet the stringent requirements for environmental, energy and reuse of products.

Among the certified quality system standards that our suppliers follow are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 og OHSAS 18001.

Business Terms

General Business Terms of Áltak

Business Account Terms

CIP Risk Assessment

CIP risk assessment is a statistical calculation model that evaluates the likelihood of arrears by icelandic companies. The risk assessment combines the data Creditinfo Iceland maintains and calculates the probability of arrears. The model classifies company in one of the 10 risk categories where cagegory 1 is a lower-risk category and 10 is the highest risk category.

The data used in the calculation of the CIP risk assessment are very comprehensive and include information on liquidity, assets, profitability, growth, information management and directories, payment behavior, size, industrial classification, affiliated companies and more.

Áltak ehf requires that customers who want to create a business account are in CIP risk class 1 to 5.

If a customer cannot meet the CIP requirements they should consider using a credit card which can reach up to 40 days longer grace period without interest or payment.

Other Info

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