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Vörunúmer: DE-02203581

The universal and highly aging-resistant adhesive tape is suitable for bonding and repairing all DELTA® roofing membranes and DELTA® air and vapour barriers and/or brakes (each on the printed top of the film) as well as for connection to all comparable substrates and those made of plastic (hard), metal, smooth wood, and wood-based materials.


- Tested in accordance with the standard DIN 4108-11
- The tests according to the standard DIN 4108-11 are carried out in order to determine whether a testable adhesive tape or adhesive mass meets the DIN minimum requirements for the permanently airtight bonds in the area of the connections and overlapping components. The product DELTA®-MULTI-BAND has not just passed the requirements, but exceeded them to a large extent. The adhesive strength even improves with age. This gives you an official and objective confirmation of our product quality.
- The suitable width for every application
- DELTA®-MULTI-BAND is available in three different widths: 60 mm / 100 mm / 150 mm.
- The width sizes 100 mm and 150 mm are supplied with split release paper in order to facilitate the processing. The adhesive tape can be used on different substrates and/or on comparable membranes manufactured by other constructions after the previous test application.


DELTA®-MULTI-BAND is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use and is used for air, wind and/or rain-proof connection to various substrates and between the tracks. At the same time, the all-rounder adhesive tape can be used for the reparation of minor damage.

Technical data:

Structure: Solvent-free and plasticizer-free pure acrylate adhesive on grid-reinforced UV-stabilized PE cover film with release paper.
Application temperature (temperature-controlled storage recommended): Starting from (an ambient and component temperature) of +5°C
Functional temperature range: from -40°C to +80°C
Storability: 2 years in the original box, if you avoid direct heat sources.

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Tegund Límband
Undirgerð M100
Breidd 100 mm
Lengd 25 mtr