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Vörunúmer: DE-02202728

Highly ageing resistant and robust roofing membrane for extreme weather conditions. With 25-year guarantee of function.

DELTA®-FOXX (PLUS) enables the creation of a rain-proof sub-roof in accordance with roofing regulations. The material properties also make the membrane ideal for use as a base layer and dividing layer beneath slate or metal coverings.


Guaranteed all-round reliability:
- DELTA®-FOXX (PLUS) also delivers extremely high performance after years of use. Take advantage of years of material experience, consistent quality monitoring and continuous optimisation. Our 25-year guarantee of function protects you against complaints and offers greater security to you and your customers.

Long-lasting functionality:
- The sheeting is particularly temperature resistant and specially UV stabilised. It can be subjected to UV for up to 24 weeks without any anticipated material damage. Take advantage of the long-lasting functionality - even though the cladding process may take a little longer.

Highly flame-resistant:
- DELTA®-FOXX (PLUS) satisfies the requirements of Euro fire class B-s1, d0. This means that the roofing membrane makes a key contribution to preventive fire protection. The spread of flames is rendered more difficult, and homes and their inhabitants are protected.

Especially robust:
- The extremely hard-wearing surface also protects against it being damaged and water entering. Thermal insulation remains consistently dry.

Strong adhesion:
- DELTA®-FOXX PLUS is characterised by an improved and patented adhesive strip technology. Take advantage of high initial adhesion and rapid fixing. Even when the weather is rainy, the roof layers beneath are immediately protected against moisture.

Breathable and watertight:
- The low Sd value of approx. 0.02 m means that moisture can dry out quickly. This means that the roofing membrane makes a key contribution to constructive wood protection. Thanks to the special dispersion coating, the sheathing is permanently watertight - even in enhanced rain testing with 2,700 mm / m2 over three hours. Thermal insulation remains reliably dry.

Ease of laying and laying safety:
- The "anti-glare” coating prevents distracting reflections, even in extreme sunshine. The highly tear-resistant special non-woven fabric can be walked on with sheathing without problems. The underside of the membrane does not “catch” on the fibres of the hard sheathing and is easy to align and roll. This increases laying performance and reduces costs.

Use as temporary roofing possible:
- DELTA®-FOXX (PLUS) satisfies the requirements of ZVDH regulations and can be used in combination with DELTA®-SYSTEM ACCESSORIES as temporary roofing. This means that the roof construction is provisionally protected against moisture and weather during the roofing work. This enables work to continue inside the building, for example.

Equipped with DELTA®-AMS and DELTA®-BiCo technologies.


DELTA-FOXX (PLUS) was specially developed to meet the high requirements of being laid on hard sheathing. Laying directly onto thermal insulation or as lining is also possible without any problems.

Rainproof sub-roof

DELTA®-FOXX (PLUS) enables the creation of a rain-proof sub-roof in combination with the DELTA® system components (DELTA®-SCHAUM-BAND, DELTA®-FLEXX-BAND and DELTA®-THAN)
The breathable solution with DELTA®-FOXX has already proved its worth in over 25 years of practical use, however, it deviates from the diffusion-restricting solution described in the ZVDH regulations. Reference is made to this in the offer.

Base layer and dividing layer beneath slate or metal coverings
In combination with the DELTA® system components DELTA®-FOXX (PLUS) can be used as a seperation layer and a base layer beneath metal roof coverings - also at low roof inclines from 3°.
A structured seperation layer can be established in combination with DELTA®-ENKA VENT. Beneath slate DELTA®-FOXX (PLUS) offers a secure base layer, as the wooden sheathing can dry faster due to the low Sd value of 0.02 m.
Compared with classic bituminous base layers DELTA®-FOXX (PLUS) offers clear advantages in laying, thanks to the favourable roll dimensions: wider, longer, faster! The roofing membrane can be laid from the ridge to the eaves.

Nafn eiginleika Gildi eiginleika
Tegund Öndunardúkur
Gerð Foxx
Eldvörn B-s1,d0, samkvæmt EN 13501-1
Breidd 1500 mm
Lengd 50 mm
Þyngd 20 Kg