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Vörunúmer: DE-02202656

Diffusion-open façade membrane for open façades including up to 20 mm wide joints and a maximum of joint proportion of 20% of the surface.

Thanks to its universal properties, the membrane can also be used for a wide range of building constructions.


- Permanently UV-stable
- Excessive UV-exposure can cause damages as well as impair the protective function of the façade membranes. Thanks to a special coating, DELTA®-FASSADE 20 (PLUS) is a permanently UV-stable product. This way, the material will be protected from embrittlement or fatigue.

- Flame retardant
- The product DELTA®-FASSADE 20 (PLUS) meets the requirements of the Euro fire class B-s1, d0. This protects residential buildings and their residents because the spread of flames is made more difficult by the façade membrane.

- Vapour permeability
- The SD value of the membrane of only approximately 0.02 m guarantees the vapour permeability from the inside. This guarantees the functional reliability of the structure as well as a permanently dry thermal insulation.

Technical data:
Material: Specially coated, highly tear-resistant polyester fleece with a waterproof plastic coating and with adhesive zones placed on both edges. DELTA®-FASSADE 20 without adhesive zones.
Suitability: DELTA®-FASSADE 20 PLUS for open façades with up to 20 mm wide joints and a maximum of joint proportion of 20% of the surface.
Reaction to fire: B-s1,d0, according to EN 13501-1
Tensile strength: approx. 270/230 N/5 cm, EN 12311-2
Watertightness: Watertight W 1, EN 13859-1+2
Sd-value: approx. 0,02 m
Servicetemperature range: from -40 °C to +80 °C
Moisture resistance factor: approx. 0,028 m²hPa/mg
Weight: approx. 210 g/m²
Roll weight: approx. 16 kg
Roll size: 50 m x 1.50 m

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Tegund Öndunardúkur
Gerð Fassade
Undirgerð 20 Plus
Eldvörn B-s1,d0, samkvæmt EN 13501-1
Breidd 1500 mm
Lengd 50 mm
Þyngd 16 Kg