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Vörunúmer: PLASTOUT1585

PLASTER BAND IN/OUT: vapour control and airtightness tapes that can be plastered.

PLASTER BAND is available in two versions: PLASTER BAND IN for application inside the envelope, PLASTER BAND OUT for application on the outside of the envelope. Even when applied in tight spaces and corners, the PP liner of these two highly adhesive tapes can be removed without risk of failure.

The pre-cut liner allows for quick and easy installation and an high level of aesthetics due to the possibility of concealing the tape behind claddings or plaster.

Nafn eiginleika Gildi eiginleika
Tegund Gluggaþéttiborði
Gerð Plaster band
Þykkt 0,5 mm
Breidd 100 mm
Lengd 2500 mm