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Vörunúmer: BLACK4040

BLACK BAND universal butyl adhesive tape is the ideal solution for sealing pipes, vents and other elements with irregular cross-sections.

Easy to apply and highly workable, it retains its elasticity even in cold environments. Ideal for easy sealing on difficult nodes and very irregular surfaces.

The formulation of the universal butyl tape made of modified butyl ensures excellent durability even under thermal stress making it suitable for installation even at low temperatures. Thanks to the easy-release film, installation is quick; the 80 mm version has a pre-cut liner to facilitate installation in corners or complex locations.

Nafn eiginleika Gildi eiginleika
Tegund Þéttiborði
Gerð Butyl
Þykkt 2 mm
Breidd 80 mm
Lengd 1000 mm